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Quizzes take about 2 hours in total. [1]

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Quizzes are emailed every Sunday ✓
All trivia packs are delivered in a ZIP folder ✓
Subscriptions can also be sent monthly or as needed ✓ [2]

ALL Trivia packs include: The Quizmasters’ Guide: How to Run a Successful Trivia Night. 6 trivia rounds including: 2 general knowledge rounds + 3 special category rounds + 1 picture round = 60 questions & answers (plus an additional multiple choice option.) Printable Forms: Answer sheets, Score sheets, 8X10 poster to help you promote!

Our questions are current, relevant and written on a weekly basis. We don't pull questions from an old, stale database. All rounds are quality checked for accuracy. All quizzes are tested LIVE and perfected before you use them. We take customer service very seriously and are always here to help. Quizmasters Trivia Packs are written entirely in the United States.

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With our format, quizzes take ≈2 hrs but may be shorter or longer depending on the format you choose.
Only one regular quiz is written per week so the maximum number you can receive per week is one. We also have themed quizzes if you want to add more questions =)