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Do NOT have to worry about a question being wrong!

I have a karaoke business and that’s all I thought I would ever have. I decided to look into running trivia nights, so I talked to friend of mine that did and he sent me to you guys. I’m so glad he did! I now run trivia nights at two locations and it is such a blast.

The Quizmasters, thank you for taking the time to create really good trivia each and every week. I love that I do NOT have to worry about a question being wrong or that the questions are too easy or too tough. They are challenging but not “impossible” to answer.

Your overall format is great! I love the specialty rounds, but I truly LOVE the uniqueness of “Round 5”. It makes you think in a whole other direction in comparison to the previous 4 rounds, making it that much more fun to play. The picture round is usually the “make or break” of the night. Some teams are just that good, with the group knowledge needed to answer the questions, but the picture round category can be tricky as hell. I love it!

If you are reading this and you are on the fence about where to get your trivia night questions, take a minute to download the free one and look it over. Run it LIVE one night. After that, I truly recommend and can almost guarantee you’ll be getting the 8 week package (save some $). It is worth it. I have a very competitive group that come to my trivia nights, they compete at a national level, and they have told me on multiple occasions that they really love the format I bring to them. That’s not me, that’s these guys The Quizmasters.

Matt and crew, thank you for this unique service you offer. As long as I’m running trivia events, you will have a loyal, repeat customer.

June, 2018

Best trivia!

Matt and the crew provide the best trivia around!

Updated, stress-free download every week.

Master your trivia night with TheQuizmasters!


Matt and the crew provide the best trivia around! Updated, stress-free download every week. Master your trivia night with TheQuizmasters!

March, 2018


I have been looking for a trivia solution for several years and have always been put off by the cost, format, low quality (IMO) questions or being locked into some sort of proprietary delivery style. Thank you for providing a simple format that give me the flexibility to customize!

I also want commend you on the relevance of your questions. That same feedback comes from the patrons. I have been to a lot of trivia nights and many can be pretty stale because of dated questions. Yours are current, relevant, and timely! Myself and the patrons like the format and particularly the picture round which is a great, unique touch that other trivia packages donโ€™t have.

Thank you!!! Keep up the great work!


October, 2017

Highly recommend!

I’ve been hosting a successful trivia night in Portland, Maine for six years now. Over that time, I’ve gotten my questions from various outlets online, books etc.

What makes the best pub quiz questions? Challenging but not too difficult, catering to a wide age group of players, as well as fun and topical.

In my opinion, most importantly, is accuracy. The fact that The Quizmasters triple check their questions and answers makes everything go so much smoother. No embarrassing moments for the host and no hold-ups during the night to check answers contested by players.

I’ve been using Quizmasters all summer and it’s the best service I’ve found, highly recommended!

September, 2017