What’s a Pub Quiz?


Wikipedia puts it best in their thoughtful explanation:

“A pub quiz is a quiz held in a pub.”

Right. Thanks for the insight.

While we may not be able to put it any better than that, we can at least walk you through a typical pub quiz schedule events for the average quiz-going customer:

(Please note the copious references to alcohol consumption and purchase. In a word: cha-ch$ng.)

  • Arrive at bar and immediately get a drink, you have a lot of brainstorming to do to create the oh-so-crucial, funnier-than-anyone-else’s team name. This will of course involve all your “best” inside jokes and/or possibly a quick scan of who amongst you deserves to be targeted that night. “Jerry’s Bald Spot” or “Wow, I can’t believe Suzy is wearing that dress, doesn’t she know she has cankles” are team names you could drum up while perusing the crowd. For the less confrontational people out there, just take a body part and add “Mongers,” ex. “Toe Mongers” or “Nosehair Mongers.” This will assuredly be amusing.
  • Next, order another drink, and repeat as needed, so that when you get all the answers wrong and look tragically uneducated in front of your friends you can just say “well, I was drunk.”
  • While busy looking tragically uneducated in front of your friends, you may feel the need to share your shamefully wrong answer with everyone present at the pub but you refrain because you realize that’s not the amazing competitive “technique” you originally thought it was.
  • Continue drinking and guessing and drinking and guessing and then use your prize winnings to get a much-needed cab home. Swear to study up or at the very least read something smart before next week’s quiz and then promptly pass out.

We hope that clears it all up. If not, see our real rules below:

  • Each quiz consists of 6 rounds. The first five rounds vary between specific topics (ex. History, Movies, Pop Culture,  etc) and general knowledge. The last round is a picture round.
  • Your patrons have the entire quiz to do the picture round. They’ll bring that up with the last round and will most likely have spilled beer or other beverages all over it but hey, you printed out extras just in case, right?
  • Those first five rounds require your patrons to use the answer sheets provided. We advise instructing them to not only put their selected team name on each one but to keep that team name the same ON EVERY ROUND. Oh and remind them that the picture round requires their moniker as well…
  • We here at the Quizmasters fully endorse honesty and sportsmanlike conduct and in our experience running our own quizzes have used the common grade school threat of confiscating and destroying any patron’s mobile phone, tablet or other cheating device should we see anyone shaming themselves by looking up answers. The level of threat is up to you, but the old “throw it in a sink” line works every time.
  • You may also want to point out that shouting out answers sort of ruins the idea of the competition, too.
  • Explain that the “wild card” round can be used only once during the quiz on a round they think they did really well on; this doubles their points for the round and makes them the envy of everyone around them.
  • Most importantly, demand your patrons have fun. Okay, you won’t need to demand it because these quizzes are awesome and revelry is very likely to ensue.
Now, go purchase a quiz and Keep ‘Em Guessing!