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How will my trivia pack be delivered? Via email or snail mail?


  • All trivia packs are sent via email in a .zip file download link. If you purchase a single quiz you will also receive your download link on the thank you page IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE.
  • 8 week subscriptions will be sent via email in a .zip file download link and are automatically sent out the first Sunday after your purchase. If you need your quiz right away just email us!


Do you guys provide trivia hosts?


  • Nope, but we don’t need to! Here’s why:
    • Here at TheQuizmasters, we like to keep things simple.
    • We provide you with awesome trivia questions and even better advice on how to run a successful trivia night yourself.
    • This means you pay WAY less money and still end up with a high quality product.
    • Each quiz comes with our handy one-page how-to guide and you can check out our Start A Trivia Night In 8 Steps guide PLUS you can email us or call us with any questions and we will be here to help! We’ve run pub quizzes for over a decade and know pretty much everything that can go wrong (and right!) with a trivia night.


How does a pub quiz/trivia night work?


  • With the right trivia questions, it’s pretty simple! The very short answer is:
    • 1) Ask your crowd the questions
    • 2) Check and score the answers
    • 3) Tell your crowd the correct answers and read their scores
    • 4) Repeat steps 1-3 for all question rounds (our quizzes are comprised of 5 rounds, 10 questions per round.)
  • For all the steps and rules we suggest using, check out our free one-page how-to guide and for even more details including how to gather a great trivia crowd, check out our Start A Trivia Night In 8 Steps guide.
  • Still curious? Contact us!


Why should I choose you over all the other trivia companies out there?


  • We write new trivia every week so our questions are ALWAYS current, relevant and accurate.
  • We write and fact check every question ourselves.
  • We keep it simple which keeps you from overspending.
    • That means you get great trivia questions and all the support you could ever need for one low price.
    • No extra fees for hosts, answer & score sheets, etc. (You CAN run a trivia night yourself and of course our forms are included for free!)
  • Our questions have something for everyone in regards to topics and levels of difficulty. This is a special mix that we have mastered over our 10+ years hosting trivia nights.
  • Our experience writing AND hosting means we’ve pretty much seen it all and can help you fix any problems you might have. We can help ensure that your trivia night is a success.

    I purchased trivia but didn’t receive an email with the download link??

Did you purchase a single trivia pack, an 8 week subscription or a themed trivia pack?


  • Check the email address that is connected with your Paypal account as that is where the link is automatically sent.
  • If the email address connected to your Paypal account is correct, check your spam folder. (Add us to your contacts by clicking HERE to ensure delivery of future emails from us.)
  • If you still haven’t received the email, contact us and we’ll get you your quiz right away.
  • For future reference, after all single/subscription/themed quiz purchases you immediately receive the download link on the order confirmation/thank you page so you can always get your quiz right away.

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