Team Names

Just a few of the many team names we’ve come across over the years.
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Lee Harvey WallbangersLee Harvey WallbangersMy Couch Pulls Out but I Don'tMY COUCH PULLS OUT BUT I DON'TI Like Quiz ButtsI LIKE QUIZ BUTTSChrist Has QuizenCHRIST HAS QUIZZEN Is that a quizIS THAT A QUIZ IN YOUR POCKET OR ARE YOU JUST HAPPY TO SEE ME? Hot Dog Hand Jobs-HOTDOG HAND JOBS A very literal dances with wolves.DANCES WITH WOLVES rectum damn near killed emRECTUM DAMN NEAR KILLED HIM When You Quiz Upon A BarWHEN YOU QUIZ UPON A BAR Trivia Newton JohnTRIVIA NEWTON JOHN Front Butt PumpkinsFRONT BUTT PUMPKINS Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For Shout OutHALA, IS IT MEAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? 7 hobbitsTHE 7 HOBBITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE qomflmnsQUIZ ON MY FACE AND TELL ME YOU LOVE ME Everyting's Coming Up MilhouseEVERYTHING'S COMING UP MILLHO-- USE The Greek Army Never Leaves It's Boy's BehindTHE GREEK ARMY NEVER LEAVES ITS BOY'S BEHIND buns and rosesBUNS N ROSES Fleetwood CrackFLEETWOOD CRACK LIL SEBASTIANLIL SEBASTIAN Kim Jong-unstoppableKIM JONG UNSTOPPABLE80s Hair Band Nelson Snorting Coca Cola Come Together BeatlesNELSONS ON COKEcharlie brown peanuts lucy is a cuntCUNT PUNTholdbeerHOLD MY BEER WHILE I TAKE A QUIZbarbie in her own box-LESBIAN BARBIE COMES IN HER OWN BOXAnus TartsANUS TARTSCarlos Danger Weenus RodeoCARLOS DANGER